Morning with Mike Morin

The WWBC’s “Morning with Mike Morin” event was a great success as members and guests had the opportunity to network and meet local celebrity Mike Mornin.  It was an entertaining and educational way to start the day, with hilarious excerpts on the dos and don’ts of radio hosting from Mike’s personal experience.

 Mike illustrated his career path and journey of self-marketing as he constantly challenged himself to stay on top of the competition.  Some of his marketing events ran the gamut from burying himself alive to auctioning off Twinkies for charity events.  Mike’s engaging talk covered the challenges of marketing, the changes in social media, and his decision to leave his radio life behind in pursuit of fulfilling and alternative interests; such as speaking events.

 “Morning with Mike Morin” was extremely successful and we are grateful for the environment he created, sparking insightful discussions about the challenges and success of personal business.  The event, which was held at Searles Castle in Windham, NH, was an opportunity for business professionals to network and connect with our group to help support the growth of the Windham community. 

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