The Windham Women’s Business Connection includes women from all walks of life, from young entrepreneurs to established professionals, single parents and empty-nesters, and moms struggling to get back to business after time caring for their growing or aging families.

What we all have in common is our desire for success. Success in our businesses, success in the balance of the demands of work and home, and success in supporting the growth in our community.

When we first came together in 2010, we began with the idea of supporting each other and our businesses. As we grew, we found an increasing desire to reach out to the community, but as individuals, we realized that this can sometimes be a challenge. As a group, we found that we had the power to make a difference, an even greater difference than we could on our own.

Today we are a growing and thriving group of women who come together with the common goal of nurturing and supporting each other’s businesses and working together to support our community and personal lives.

We meet monthly to network and exchange ideas as well as learn through guest speakers. We connect socially every quarter with the goal of taking a break from the work side of work, and just enjoying each other’s company. We reach out continually to our community, supporting local events and charities and offering volunteer opportunities to help better our town.

Interest in our group has quickly spread outside the Windham community, and that is why we now offer the WWBC Connector status. For those who live and work in nearby communities, we offer the opportunity to meet our members, connect with our group and help support the growth of the Windham community. We welcome the voice and encouragement of these supporters who demonstrate that the power of a group is greater than the sum of its parts.

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